Podere Cacciamici

For over 4 generations we, the Rappuoli family, have the passion to cultivate the lands of Val d'Orcia. In this corner of paradise, where traditions have resisted the frenzy of modern times and where respect for the environment has always accompanied the agricultural activity, we produce healthy and genuine products, that we are pleased to present you with a tasting directly on the farm, surrounded by the gentle hills of Siena. Savor the extra virgin olive oil with a delicate and fruity taste accompanied by the traditional Tuscan bread. For the tasting you cannot miss the honey of our bees that goes well with the pecorino cheese of the neighboring farms. All accompanied by a good glass of red wine and a dessert of rural tradition made with local flour that makes the difference.

Reserve a moment to taste!

For more informations: www.cacciamici.it

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