Aut-Out MicroFestival - Theatrical Performances in Italian

From Thursday, August the 12th to Sunday, August the 15th at “Teatro della Grancia” Theatre at Montisi (Near San Giovanni d’Asso) at H.9.30pmEvery Day From H.8.00pm to H.9,30pm Aperitif and Typical Products Tasting (7 €) + TANGO SOLITARIO Performance and Live Acoustic set (12 €) (Aperitif, Tasting and Performance 15 €)


Every Day Stage of Tango

(Every Morning from H.10,00am to H.1.30am at Montisi at Barrinos Cinema.

120 each (4 days) / 100 (3 days) / 80 (2 days) / 50 (1 day)

Advance Booking at Tel. 340 5421466


Thursday, August the 12th

At Teatro della Grancia (Montisi)

"Ragazza in... erba"

Friday, August the 13th

At Teatro della Grancia (Montisi)

"Zitto Effetti retroattivi di sincerit mal gestita"

Saturday, August the 14th

At Anfiteatro (Trequanda)

"Alexis o il trattato della lotta vana"

(And then Music with DJ, Artistic Projections and Typical Product Tasting)

Sunday, August the 15th

At Teatro della Grancia (Montisi)

"Patologica confessioni di una mente farraginosa"

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