Festa del Cacio - Pecorino Sheep Cheese Festival

From Monday August the 30th until to Sunday September the 5th

From Monday to Wednesday – Piazza Pio II

Cheese Game Test for kids, h. 6pm

Cheese Game Test of the District, h. 9pm

Thrusday the 2nd: Flag-Waves and drummers, h.18pm; Dinner of the District, h. 7.30 Girdino dei Tigli (Tigli’s Garden); Dance

Friday the 3nd: District on the Square, Buffet and dance, h.5.30pm

Saturday the 4th: Flag-Waves and drummers in the streets, h. 3pm, Old Town; Cheese Game Contest for kids, h. 4pm in the square; Choral Concert in the San Francesco Church, h. 9.30pm; Stalls with Pecorino Cheese along the streets, old town.

Sunday the 5th: Stalls with Pecorino Cheese along the streets, old tow; Flag-Wave and Drummers on the square, h. 3pm; Cheese Game Test of the district, h. 4pm; Orchestra Concert, h. 9pm.

Typical Organic Market, Piazza Galletti (square), h. 10am.

Phone+39 0578 747905

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