Sagra del Tordo - Montalcino

30th and 31th october.
On the last weekend of October the atmosphere is tense. The weekend is filled withpageantry, history, processions, rivalry and excitement.

The four neighbourhoods ofMontalcino close ranks, wear their own colours, and, as the hours pass and festivitiesbegin, the rivalry and passions of the citizens reach fever pitch, culminating in a hotlycontested archery tournament on Sunday afternoon. In this tournament the ancient archeryskills of the Montalcinesi are tested, and the winning archers bring glory and honour totheir neighbourhood. Thousands of visitors arrive in Montalcino to witness this passionatefestival. If you would like to be here to share this extraordinary event, booking isabsolutely essential as accommodation is limited and you must be in Montalcino before thefestival begins – or face a several kilometre walk uphill on the day of the Tournament –because your car will be parked away down in the valley! A guide on Val d'Orcia territory near Siena in Tuscany - Farmhouses, holiday homes, restaurant, hotel, hotels, cellars, winery
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