Teatro Povero di Monticchiello - From 23 July to 14 August

The Teatro Povero which is held in Monticchiello is an interesting and core cultural tradition of the town which has remained for years now, through which its inhabitantsÂ’ passion shows. This cultural event, that has been handed down through generations, will be celebrating a new edition in these days.

From 25th July to 14th August a new show will be staged in the milieu of this popular celebration in which the inhabitants of Monticchiello perform a new play each year and therefore personally take part in this eventful celebration.

Monticchiello is an enchanting and mesmerizing medieval town located 7 km away from Pienza in the province of Siena. It is worth your while the while visiting Monticchiello especially if you can set up your visit in one of the evenings of the performances, and therefore relish this popular celebration which has turned into the most sought-after moment by all its inhabitants.

Each performance gathers year after year numberless visitors who arrive in Monticchiello drawn by this cultural event. Therefore, it is recommendable to reserve the tickets well in advance. If anyone should wish to sleep in the area, accommodation has to be also booked in advance as there are crowds of tourists who organize their agendas to be in this town when the performances are on.

For those who arrive with enough time we recommend a visit to the Museo del Teatro Povero and the Church of Saint Leonard and Saint Christopher, as well as a stroll along the stone paved and fascinating narrow streets of this town which are really beautiful.

Disfrutar de una noche de teatro bajo las estrellas del cielo Toscano en verano es todo un regalo para los sentidos.

Spending an evening at the theater under the canopy of stars in Tuscany in the summertime is a gift for all senses.

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